What are binaural beats and how can I benefit from them.

binaural beats

Binaural beats or binaural tones are auditory a relatively recent technique. The binaural beats was discovered by the physicist, climatologist and meteorologist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove. At the end of the twenty century Heinrich claimed that binaural beats were an alternative method of medicine because they can help promote relaxation, meditation, creativity, concentration and many other mental states.

To understand what are binaural beats or binaural sounds we need to understand how our brain works. The human brain works almost like a computer’s microprocessor. A micro processor performance can range from 0 Hz to 4 GHz, as in the case of Intel – Core ™ i7-4790K 4.0GHz, this Hz measure the amount of instructions that it can do by clock cycle. In the same way the brain works mainly in 4 states and each one emits a certain brainwave frequency.


Although the frequencies that our ears can perceive ranging from 20Hz to 20,000Hz frequency in which our brain works vary in a range from 0 Hz to 40 Hz and divided into four main categories and these are: Delta is when we sleep Theta when we are in a meditative state or trance, Alfa when we are awake and alert but relaxed and calm and Beta happens when we are awake, active and alert.



What exactly are this binaural beats?

The binaural beats or binaural sounds happens when we listen to each ear a different frequency. The binaural pulse is generated by the frequency difference in the ears thus creating a third frequency in the brain, altering the state in which our brain works. Thus, using this technique, mostly known as binaural beats we can alter the functioning of our brain on demand.

For this we need to listen with headphones (two channel stereo sound) two different but similar tones, so similar that the difference of both ears falls in the range of frequencies that our brain operates. For example if we play the 325Hz frequency in the left ear and 315Hz in the right ear our brain will enter in the state or will work in Alfa 10Hz frequency which is a relaxed state yet alert which is very useful to work or study.

How can I get benefits by using the binaural beats?

Well the brain is affected by these binaural beats and depending on the frequencies of the sounds because this will change the brainwaves frequencies or the brain state and this changes the brain functioning creating different kinds of effects on ourselves, both mind and body. Effects vary from a range of different sensations or results for example it can be helpful if you need energy, focus, relax, study, pain relief, sleep etc.

Here is a list of the main frequencies and that serves each:


0.5 Hz – Relaxation, helps relieve headaches.

0.5-1.5 Hz – Pain relief. endorphin release.

0.9 Hz – Feeling of euphoria.

1Hz – Welfare. Harmony and balance.

2.5 Hz – Production of endogenous opiates (pain killers, reduce anxiety).

2.5 Hz – Relieves migraine pain. Produces endogenous opioids.

3.4 Hz – Helps achieve restful sleep.

3.5 Hz – Feeling of unity with everything. Feedback entire being.

3.9 Hz – Self renewal, enhanced inner awareness.

4.0 Hz – Enkephalin release for reduced stress.

4.0 Hz – Allows brain to produce enkephalins are natural pain murderer

4.0 Hz – Exploration of the complete memory and enkephalins.

4.0 Hz – Vital for memory and learning. Problem solving, object naming.

1-3 Hz – Deep relaxation, restful sleep. The tranquility and peace.


4.5 Hz – Brings about Shamanic / Tibetan state of consciousness, Tibetan chants.

4.9 Hz – Induce relaxation and deeper sleep.

4.9 Hz – Introspection. Relaxation, meditation.

5Hz – Reduce the required sleep. Theta replaces need for extensive dream.

5.35 Hz – Allows relaxing breathing free and efficient.

5.5 Hz – Inner Guide, intuition.

6.5 Hz – Centre of Theta frequency. Activates creative frontal lobe.

7.5 Hz – Activates creative thought for art, invention, music. Problem solving.

7.5 Hz – Ease of overcoming troublesome problems.

7.83 Hz – Schumann resonance earth. Grounding meditation leaves you revitalized.

3-8 Hz – Deep relaxation, meditation. Lucid dreaming.

3-8 Hz – Increased memory, attention, creativity.

4-7 Hz – deep inner peace, emotional healing. Reduces mental fatigue.

4 to 7 Hz – Deep meditation, brain waves to short sleep.


8- 10 Hz Super-learning new information, memorization and understanding.

8.22 Hz – Associated with the mouth. brings creativity.

10 Hz – Enhanced serotonin release. Elevation of mood, arousal, stimulant

10 Hz – Provides relief from lost sleep, improves mood in general.

10 Hz – Promotes good mood. Used to dramatically reduce headaches.

10 Hz – Clarity, subconscious correlation. Releases serotonin.

11 Hz – Relaxed state still awake.

12 Hz – Centering, mental stability.

11-14 Hz – Increased focus and awareness.

12 to 14 Hz – Learning frequency, good for absorbing information passively.


14 Hz – Awakening alert. Concentration on tasks, focus, vitality.

16 Hz – Bottom of hearing range. Releases oxygen / calcium into cells.

12 to 15 Hz – Relaxed focus, improved the attentive skills.

13 to 27 Hz – Promotes focused attention towards external stimuli.

13-30 Hz – Problem solving, conscious thinking.

18-24 Hz – Euphoria, can result in headaches, anxiety.

As you can see the power to alter the state on which our brain is working can be very convenient at times.

For example if we have a test the next day and we need to focus and study then we should listen to a binaural beat to enter the Alpha brain frequency of 8Hz to 10Hz which help us to concentrate and study better.

Or for those sleepless nights in which we just can’t sleep binaural beats can be very useful helping us to fall asleep, just listening to a binaural sound will lower the brain state to Delta, preferably 3.4Hz to get a deep and restful sleep.

The easiest and free way to get binaural beats is doing a quick search on YouTube. Just search for something like “binaural beats to study” or “binaural beats for sleep.”

So you know how to play with your brain for anything you need. There’s one last thing you should know and this is that for security reasons people who suffer from epilepsy should not use binaural beats as it can trigger some unwanted reaction other than this binaural beats are safe and can help you to improve your productivity, spend pleasant moments, heal, meditate, concentrate etc.


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